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Answering Your Pressing Questions

How long have you been in business and what is your history?
We have been in business for over 25 years. You can read about our proud company history on our About Us page.


          What are your organizational affiliations?

  •            ARC
  •            IATA
  •            ASTA
  •            OSSN
  •            TRAVEL LEADERS

    What Programs / Packages do you offer?

    A full explanation of the participation levels available within the powerful SuperHostAgency network is explained on the Select A Customized Program page. (link to this page)  This is where you select your level of participation and find out about the associated costs.

    What does it take to get started?

    The Getting Started page will exchange the information necessary to initiate the process.  

    How and when do I get paid commissions?        

    You will get paid every two weeks ten days after the close of the relevant ARC period.  You may be paid by check or by ACH direct deposit. 

    Do I need Errors & Omission insurance? Cyber insurance?

    Yes, both E&O and Cyber insurance are required.  We can obtain both for you at a relatively nominal fee or you can obtain your own.   However, if you elect to provide your own Errors and Omissions insurance, you must furnish evidence that Main Street Travel And Tours, Inc. is specifically named as a covered party. 

    Will I get IATAN, CLIA cards, fam trips and travel benefits?

    IATAN and CLIA card are subject to the terms laid out by those organizations.  Should you qualify, we will assist you getting a card if you do not have one. 

    Fam trips and other travel related benefits are made available to our independent contractors on a regular basis.  Final approval resides with the host agency and the supplier involved.  The best way to get abundant travel benefits is to be a very productive agent. 

    What training will be available to me?

    At the current time, we do not accept independent contractors with no training or experience.  However, if you avail yourself of  Travel Leaders Of Tomorrow, an online travel academy, and successfully complete the course, we will give you an opportunity to join our network. 

    For our partners, there are a host of online training opportunities both from Travel Leaders headquarters and from supplier webinars.  When we have in store trainings, we welcome any independent contractors who live in the area. 

    What GDS do you use and can I do my own ticketing.

    We use Sabre.  Ticketing is permitted for those agents who can demonstrate a reasonable level of proficiency. 

    Do you provide coverage while I am out of the office on vacation?

    Coverage is available and will be assessed on a case by case basis. 

    Can I book groups/book into your groups/provide assistance if needed.

    Yes, we welcome group opportunities on all these levels.   

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