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Without a doubt the single biggest challenge in growing a small independent contractor business is that you have to spend so much time working IN your business (booking travel, resolving problems) that you have very little time to work ON your business (marketing, planning, training, etc.).

With that in mind, SuperHostAgency offers you access to a suite of marketing tools to enable you to grow your business with a reasonable investment of time and energy. A few items are available at no charge to all of our independent contractors. We realize that some of you either have enough existing customers (lucky you) or feel comfortable marketing on your own.

For those, however, who could use a special suite of powerful marketing tools to help them attain their business objectives, we have a proprietary Travel Leaders Marketing Platform available for a very modest one time fee of $75.00 and a monthly fee of $25.00. You will find a list of all the included benefits below.




These marketing opportunities are available to everyone:

  • Access to professionally organized Sales, Destination and Supplier training sessions to keep you well informed and up-to-date
    Access to Mercavia, Travel Leaders' online resource for one-stop network information.
  • Invitation to attend the annual Travel Leaders national meeting.
  • Access to both suppliler driven and Travel Leaders proprietary familiarization trip opportunities. This includes invitation-only and luxury travel events around the world.
  • Weekly emails from Travel Leaders headquarters to you called "Your Travel Edge" with the most current special offers for your clients.
  • Assistance in developing a social media marketing stragegy with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.
  • Ability both to market to your customers and possibly host "Distinctive Voyages", a proprietary cruise group amenities program that includes a host, private excursions and private cocktail parties.
  • Access to professionally produced talking points so you can position yourself as an authority with the media.
  • Access to a constant flow of proprietary Travel Leaders promotional travel offers not available to most of your competitors.
  • Access to Travel Leaders "In-Country Partners" program which links you with vetted destination management companies all around the world.




Marketing Platform option:

The benefits of this program are listed below:

  • Free on your behalf email marketing sent automatically to your customers with your branding.
    Direct mail platform where you manage the entire process - You decide which promotions you want to support, you decide which of your customers receives the promotion and you pay for these on a per piece basis. These mailings will contain your brand and call to action.
  • Includes a "limited use" of the Travel Leader's brand, along with your brand, to further increase your credibility.
  • "Personalized Identity Page" that will appear on Travel Leaders website - This page will have your picture, bio, your featured destinations and your featured specialities. This page will be in the rotation to receive qualified inquires from the web.
  • "Promotional Landing Page" which contains product that reflects the marketing emails and Direct Mail - This page has your unique personal URL which you can put on business cards and promote as you please.
  • Sophisticated capability to manage your client list in a secure, confidential and easy-to-use environment unlike any in the industry.
  • An initial supply of professionally designed Travel Leaders business cards highlighting your logo and contact information. Additional business cards and stationary are available at a modest cost.


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