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Missionary Travel Services

Our History

Since our inception in 1986, we have specialized in serving the unique missionary travel needs of the religious community. Over that span, we have assisted literally thousands of people traveling around the globe for religious or humanitarian purposes. Through the warmth of our service and the competitiveness of our missionary rates, we have earned a stellar reputation in the missionary and humanitarian marketplace.

Drawing upon our extensive experience, we've developed best practices for a variety of travel situations and apply them to our clients' unique individual missionary and humanitarian travel needs.

Our Travel Agent Partners

Missionary travel is the only portion of our business where we promote our services not only to the travelers (retail) but also other travel professionals (wholesale) who have customers traveling for religious or humanitarian purposes.

Many other agencies and independent contractors have discovered, just as we did many years ago, that the religion and humanitarian travel market is huge, ever expanding and, to some degree, recession proof. This is true because the commitment required to travel internationally, often at one's own expense, to help others is not easily deterred by economic downturns or catastrophic world events.

Whether you are already taping into this burgeoning market or looking to enter it, we have both the missionary contracts and the know-how to help you succeed.

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