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We assume you are here, not because you got lost wandering through cyberspace, but because you either are or aspire to be a home based travel agent.

While there are rare exceptions, most serious independent contractors in the travel industry align themselves with a strong host agency for a variety of reasons. Here are a number of few key factors you should consider. All of these are elaborated upon elsewhere on this site.

Proprietary Offerings

  • By booking through a host agency, you get higher commission levels from a wide variety of suppliers that would be difficult to replicate on your own. As a hosted agent, you obtain access to hotel and car programs that greatly increase your income potential.
    Host agencies, such as ours, can provide you access to both quality training and state-of-the-art technology not easily duplicated.
  • Unlike some host agencies, we provide a plethora of marketing tools that enable you to not only service existing clients but grow you business by attracting new customers. Read More
  • Since independent contractors largely work alone, a host agency can provide opportunities online and in person to network and learn from you peers.
  • In our case, our affiliation with Travel Leaders, the unquestioned travel industry pacesetter, gives you access to numerous proprietary programs that enhance your ability to shine with your clients.
  • Through a host agency like ours, you have access not only to affordable errors and omissions but also cyber theft insurance covering bookings made through us.
  • We all know size matters with vendors and through your affiliation with us, you increase recognition and clout when you require personal attention.

We encourage you to go to our About YOU benefits page to explore in detail all the reasons it makes sense to align with our host agency in particular!


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