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I have been working as a home-based agent through Super Host since 2004. It has been a good working relationship. After working with a small Mom & Pop agency previously to that I appreciate especially that fact that agents are paid on a bi-weekly scale and promptly.

I've never had to question that my commissions were going to be paid. That was a huge problem before coming to Super Host. I also appreciate that I can call you and get feedback when I have questions and concerns. Looking forward to the future with Super Host.
Laurie NC.


As a full-time home-based agent with corporate and leisure clients planning individual and group trips, SuperHostAgency has provided superb comprehensive hosting services to me for 11 years.

Sabre access and ticketing capabilities 24/7 including holidays, quick direct connect to local Business Development Managers for all major travel suppliers, agent support at major airlines, webinar invites, FAM invites, expert marketing guidance and back-end support are yours when you are selected as an agent to be hosted by SuperHostAgency.

And if there’s a hiccup with a major supplier requiring additional backing to get a resolution, you’ve got a "big dog" on your side to get fast positive results.
                                           Teri, Irving TX.

I stay with SuperHostAgency because of having a personal relationship with the people I am dealing with like Judy, and Robbert. I want to know who I am talking to and for them to know me.
Paula, Dallas.




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